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Bluetooth Handheld Phone Anti-Shake Selfie Device

Bluetooth Handheld Phone Anti-Shake Selfie Device

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Know About Our Product

  • Three-in-one magnetic suction mobile phone handle: magnetic mobile phone bracket, comfortable handle, anti-slip design, ergonomic design, suitable for daily or travel mobile phone shooting, while charging the mobile phone via USB link, can be used as mobile phone bracket to watch TV, live broadcast, etc.
  • Super Magnetic Attraction: Continuing the unique design and aesthetic miracle new shape, love at first sight, Strong suction, stable operation of the mobile phone, no need to worry about the mobile phone falling off.
  • Compatible with All Smartphones: Not only Apple phones can be used, but also Android phones, just add a magnetic ring to the back of the phone, and the magnetic ring will not affect any functions of your phone.
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