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EMS Electric Foot Massager Pad

EMS Electric Foot Massager Pad

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Know About Our Product

  • Upgrade Bioelectric Acupoints Massager Mat: TOPALL foot massager uses the latest bioelectric acupoint technology to send signals directly to the leg muscles through micro-currents, massage your feet, relax tense muscles, relieve discomfort, and relieve tired feet and calf muscles. It relieves clotted blood in the veins and relieves pain. Plus, it makes your body slimmer and more flexible by reducing swelling.
  • High Safety and Comfort: The electric foot massager adopts high-quality foot pad material, with extremely high softness and comfort, with the ion circuit board, skin-friendly and will not cause harm to users.
  • Intelligent Power-off Protection: TOPALL foot massage mat adopts USB charging to realize intelligent power-off protection, which is safe and convenient to use. Quiet massage, long standby time. At the same time the electric foot massager can be adjusted in 6 modes and 9 different intensity levels. Free yourself from fatigue by choosing the right level for your needs.
  • Fits all foot shapes: The upgraded massager foot mat is designed according to the foot of the human body, and it fits the foot in all directions. All types of feet and feet of different sizes can enjoy a comfortable massage. The small points on the foot massager are made according to the acupuncture points on the soles of the human body, allowing people to enjoy acupressure-style foot massage.
  • Upgrade English Instructions: The newly upgraded foot massager is equipped with English instructions for the relevant acupoints and buttons. The bioelectric acupoints massager mat is ideal for those with sore legs, ankles or feet from frequent standing and helps relieve muscle pain. Designed for sports enthusiasts, seniors, dancers, people who sit/stand for long periods of time (especially in high heels).
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