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EMS Mini Electric Pulse Neck Massager

EMS Mini Electric Pulse Neck Massager

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Know About Our Product

  • Micro-electric pulse massage, through bionic micro-current pulse simulation massage technology, relieve muscle discomfort. Helps eliminate fatigue, relax muscles, improve blood circulation, and burn fat.
  • Freely set the mode and adjust the massage intensity. LCD display, 8 modes (19 levels), simulating 6 massage techniques, your professional masseuse, acupuncture, massage scraping, kneading massage, massage massage, shiatsu massage, elbow massage, etc.
  • Unlike the existing general massager which only massages the outside of the muscle, the massager stimulates the inside of the muscle at the same time, effectively promoting blood circulation and quickly recovering from fatigue.
  • The body is mini, easy to carry, massage is more convenient and suitable for travel, business, family, etc.
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